3 Hours Intense Spiritual Encounter

I watched Passion of Christ the night before with wife. I have surprisingly very little emotions. Slept and woke.

First thing in the morning I had my espresso as usual. Before I can sip a few mouths, I was suddenly speaking/praying in tongues, I broke down crying and was brought to “collapse” on the floor (I later found out I was in a prostrate position). I was sobbing and crying out “Abba”, “Abba”. At this point the best way I can describe is the immense sorrow for the death of our Father (Abba/Jesus).

I start to receive messages in my heart. There were 3 categories of messages. First category were messages for me. These were things I’m praying about or asking God about myself. The second category were messages to tell me about things I’ve been praying for others. The third category were messages for others that I have no idea what the context is about. These messages make no sense to me but I know who they were for.

I also have physical manifestations. I will shake a little uncontrollably, curled up on the floor. All these are accompanied by a pain of crucifixion (of the son our Lord Jesus on the cross). In my spirit I felt that it’s a pain of spirit not flesh. I was also quite weak and unable to walk properly.

These couple of things came waves after waves and the whole session lasted 3 hours.

I felt exhausted after the 3 hours and told my wife all I wanted was a good meal.

Looking back, I had experienced the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit at once. After this encounter, I also concluded that it’s either I’m crazy or spiritual matters are for real. If anyone had told me I would surely have been skeptical. God knows I needed to experience them myself to believe in my core spirit that these are real.


I share some key messages that’s not private; not for others.

  1. God gave me Matthew 26:41 which became an important verse that I used to fight Satan’s temptation frequently. “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
  2. God told me to consecrate our marriage. That marriage is sacramental.
  3. I had been telling God that I bear the burden of a few people God placed on my heart and it’s quite tiring. Today God said when Christ died for us on the cross, He bore the burden of all mankind.
  4. God told me I’m not a pastor. I’m a businessman to be a light in the darkness.
  5. God said when Jesus died on the cross, it’s a pain of the Spirit, not flesh.
  6. Abba saves us all
  7. He told me that I will enter into darkness but a sister/fellow believers will help me.

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