Abraham 318

Have an elder figure share these on two separate fellowships to me:

Remember Abraham 318 men. They were born in his house, trained and armed.

We are born with 3.
God put on you the belt for you to fasten His Word. Joshua meditate and observe.
God put on you the breastplate for you to treasure His righteousness . Keep yourself Holy by keeping His Lordship over you.
God put on you the boot of readiness to share. Be in / out of season to share Peace.

We are to be trained with 1.
The being of faith. His presence need to be in you and manifest as a shield around you. This need practice and the start is through the tongue to bring out His presence, and through focus on Him maintaining His presence. This faith is according to Hebrews 11:8

We are to be armed with 8.

These are 6 strengths and 2 wings of support.
All from the Holy Spirit.
Isaiah 11 – 6 strengths
Helmet – wisdom
Sword – understand
Mouth – counsel
Eye – power
Ear – knowledge
Stand – fear
The 2 wings are fruit and gift to equip.
Galatians 5:23, 1 Corinthians 12:8

With 318, Abraham pursued his enemies of 4 kings and defeated them.

4 kings represents the power over people.
The four kings/doors to be closed are generation sins, other’s sins against us, personal sins and trauma/accident.

Abraham also go with 3 Alliances.

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