Aligning Hearts, Gathering Support

In our move to Jakarta, alongside encouragement and assurance, we face a fair share of doubts, well meaning opposition and outright dissuasion.

Outright dissuasion is easy. It’s normally very clearly anchored in self-interest and worldly views and pursuits. It’s very clearly discerned and doesn’t affect us much. Usually it’s just feeling tired by having to listen to all these views and dissuasions.

Doubts are comments, quite often well meaning. Comments like whether we are sure it’s from God etc. These are very common and it does serve it’s purpose in discernment as a body of Christ. Not as easy to discern because faith is rarely 100% sure and when others cast doubts, we do waver from time to time. Then we go back to God for alignment.

The most difficult will be a subtle comment and question here and there from church leaders, mentor type figure etc. Most of the time it’s because they do not fully understand what’s going on, they are well meaning and it’s out of love. The problem is, it does makes us very tired to navigate these in the midst of wilderness.

So what is our experience with these various types of doubts, opposition and dissuasion?

Firstly, it starts with our heart and aligning back to God. Take all these and regain our strength, peace from God and also lay everything with God.

In our experience, God starts to align people around us. There were few times that human talking doesn’t work so when we pray, God spoke to the other party directly and then suddenly the other party began to be supportive. When these things happen it’s super assuring to us too, because we saw additional confirmations to our own call.

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