Awkward Conversation But Shared Truths

Was a period when God gave many divine appointments one after the other.

Came to know a sister and was having coffee one morning with her and her husband.

That evening sister was at dinner with friends and they were discussing about investing into the startup I was with and left.

They asked to meet me. I was very conflicted. On one hand, I should try to close the deal. On the other hand, in my spirit I felt it’s not good fit. So I actually didn’t want to meet or get involved but Holy Spirit prompted and I knew I had to agree.

Later I found out that they were people whose testimonies God had used to teach me about spiritual stuff so I was quite in awe that I’m going to have dinner with them.

Anyway I had very good fellowship. Although conflicted, I just spoke the truth to the best of my knowledge and without being biased either way, at least I felt I tried my best to be neutral and truthful.

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