Baptism Testimony

This is my baptism testimony and I would like to give thanks to the Lord, our God.

We (both me and my son) were saved by Jesus from physical and spiritual death. 

Give thanks to God for His mercy and grace. 

It is easy to worship on top of the mountain, when all is going well. I pray that when we walk in the valley of darkness we still worship God for who He is, not what we are going through. I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ to carry us through, and pray that we carry the cross for others

I may be called home tomorrow. Christ may be coming tomorrow. 

Worry about today. For when I see Jesus face to face, I pray that I can say “Lord, I have finished the race”

In this race, the Lord holds our hand and guides our steps. Thank you Lord for your wisdom and guidance. 


Fabia asked: Why do you obey?

How can we not? After all He has done for us? 

Jesus asked: Who do you say I am?
Who do we say He is?

Our obedience is fickle and failing. One moment we obey and one moment we disobey. I have definitely failed Him a thousand times. Yet His forgiveness is unfailing. Thank you Lord.

God’s grace is sufficient for us

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