Be Still And Know That I Am God

This is an anchor verse, it comes to me A LOT. Write a few in this post.

13 Nov 2020

Dream: see a very clear word STILL on a boat, God reminding me of Psalms 46:10.

21 July 2021

Morning worship, last song “Be still”. God ministered deeply and i wept. “It’s all about Christ and His people. It’s not about me.” For we walk in and with Christ. We trust in Him.

19 Aug 2022

Thoughts while jogging: finally understood deeper in my soul the meaning of Be still and know that I’m God. Be still in our soul. this stillness in our soul (emotions, thoughts etc) is based on a faith in the character and promises of God. This stillness does not mean not doing anything, for we work for the Lord, not for man. This stillness comes from and causes us to know (experiential knowledge) that He is God.

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