Be Still, Run On Water

9 June 2019

During service, asked God for vision for my calling.

I see faint vision of still water and Jesus’ feet (dressed in white robes) walking gently on water. It creates gentle ripples.

The message is same as before: Be still and know that I’m God. In addition, follow my (Jesus) footsteps (obedience), walk on water (faith). Create gentle ripples (impact).

10 June 2019

I was praying a lot these days and really leaning in to God. During lunch time in CBD, I was on earphones listening to “一粒麦子“ and “主,我愿意”. I felt very strong wifi (presence of God) and when I look upwards, I had this immense sense of love and compassion for everyone around me (strangers during lunch time queueing for food at Telok Ayer).

I took my food and went into a nearby church, listening to worship songs and praying. I saw faint vision of the same still water and Jesus’ feet. This time, he is running. It’s like Jesus is asking if I’m willing to go faster, not just walk but run with Him. I told Him yes “I can walk and run on water, I’m willing to grow fast and can grow as long as I’m following the Lord”

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