Believers and Non-believers

When God asked me to start a company with Him as Chairman and Co-founder, I didn’t really know what that meant and practically how it should look like. I then looked back at my wilderness journey from 2020 to 2023 and realised a big part was Jesus teaching me what it looks like.

A big question mark on my mind was the practical execution of being on equal yoke. i.e. how important is it to work with believer versus non believers?

I want to tell different experiences as I learnt these things from Jesus before summarizing some learnings.

But firstly, what’s the definition of a believer? To me, it’s someone who has decided personally that he/she follows Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, who agape (sacrificial) loves Jesus, very much like the disciples we see in scripture. Everyone is at a different stage of being a disciple but these basic elements should be true.

So firstly, a Christian/disciple is definitely not from the label itself. We have all come across Christians that are really just by label. Hence we can work with anyone so long as we have inquired with the Chairman and it’s ok.

However in business there are some important roles that we need to be super careful about and in these cases they should be on equal yoke as a default. Bringing non-believers should be the exception when Lord gives green light. These are co-founders and core investors.

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