Book of Joshua

God has been speaking about crossing Jordan river for us. That we are crossing the Jordan river and will bring many people with us across the Jordan river into the promised land.

9-10 May 2020

A brother read Joshua 3:1-17 that morning and passed it to me. Confirmation to God’s speaking about Jordan river.

18-20 Jul 2020

Pastor mentioned crossing Jordan river to me again. Affirmation of God’s messages to us during this season of change. Alongside, I have also agreed to take on Adult’s ministry in the church. During a prayer warrior group prayer, wife saw two main visions.

1) Buildings disintegrating and in place are small houses all worshipping God.

2) I lead wife and prayer warriors hand in hand, across “Jordan river” or the “sea” and many people come after us hand in hand.

30 Jul 2020

Told my wife we are about to enter a new season and we must take time to have a silent retreat with God.

In my regular bible reading, I’m at Deuteronomy and the verses Deut 9:1-6, Deut 11:8-28 and 12:7-32 especially stood out.

The book of Deuteronomy and Joshua will become anchor books for our next season and ministry

31 Jul 2020

Silent retreat Day 1 :

During sleep, dreamt of writing a series of Surround X with Y, such as Surround anxiety with hope, Surround despair with joy.

Had vision of wife about 5 months pregnant, sitting in a very tight space, feeling of claustrophobia. There is a basin in front of her. She is not feeling very well. Jesus stands behind her, two hands on her shoulders.

From Deuteronomy, the verses that stood out more: Deut 31:3-4. Deut 31:6 (people matter to God, God spoke to the people in verse 6 before speaking to Joshua.)

Deut 31:7-8 > Be strong and courageous.

I have no idea what to do or where to go. As weak and needy as I am before God, I am not to be timid. I am not to be weak but to be strong. Strong and courageous in what? Strong and courageous in God who went before me, who is with me. In hardship and difficulties, fear not. God will never leave me. This is His promise.

You must divide it among them as their inheritance > Justice and stewardship is important, be full of the Spirit of wisdom to divide resources among different people and ministries, churches, charities.

Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, Fear not, Lord is with us. When things are difficult, do not give up.

1 Aug 2020

A very significant day.

God had led me to start another round of bible from Acts and ended 31 Jul 2020 at the end of Deuteronomy and is the official end date of my work.

I start today from the book of Joshua. It’s exactly the day I step into the next season, to be like Joshua to lead others into the promised land as God kept saying recently.

verses that stood out: Be strong and courageous, obey all commandments of the Lord, meditate on the word, do not be discouraged. Lord is with me.

Chap 3: Lord goes before us, begin to exalt you in the eyes of all Israel, so that they may know that I am with you.

Chap 4: Remember to tell and proclaim; give glory to God.

Chap 6-11: Lord fights our battle. We obey and follow God’s lead.

9:14: Inquire the Lord for ALL decisions.

10:42: enemies may ally against us but Lord fights our battle

Chap 12-21: wisdom and justice to steward God’s resources.

Chap 23-24: Serve the Lord and obey Him

2 Aug 2020

God had promised and told us many times that He will give us a baby. I’ve been curious of when He will, when is His perfect time. He had revealed to us today. He had revealed to a sister and wife these few days. I am also sure wife is pregnant. Yesterday the pregnancy kit showed invalid. I then knew God wanted wife to spend 1 Aug with Him without distractions. This morning He revealed from another pregnancy kit. Hallelujah!

1 Apr 2021

During corporate prayer, wife saw vision:

We had crossed a quarter or half across the Jordan river. Some weed had tangled my ankle and left some surface scars. Jesus touched and the weed left and scars healed.

24 May 2021

Corporate prayers: wife saw we continue to cross Jordan river, the weeds by the side disappeared and God says “Let’s go!”

25 May 2021

Reflecting on crossing of Jordan river. Wondering why we sometimes see some friends in visions but they are not involved in the business. I always thought promised land is the business.

God impressed gently that the Promised Land is the Kingdom of Heaven…

I then went to bedroom and Sean woke up and started sharing all the recent dreams he had with Jesus. Basically they were all in heaven. So I asked what did Jesus say? He replied :This is the Promised Land” and so heaven is the promised land!

God used Sean to confirm messages to me. Very cute.

2 Aug 2022

A mentor sent a sermon about Joshua which I find enlighting.

Watched the song “On Jordan’s banks” and felt very touched, God is reminding that we are bound for the promised land.

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