Buying Car With Holy Spirit

Mid August 2019

Was supposed to go view my shortlisted Nissan X-Trail at the dealer but when we walked past Volkswagon showroom, God led us inside where we came to know of this model called Touran. (Actually I have never considered Volkswagen. If I go for practical car, it’s Japanese, if I go for continental, it’s Mercedes, BMW or Audi.) I continued with my shortlisted cars which included CRV, Outlander. Later I considered Touran since God brought it to our attention. Indeed I realised it’s actually good and the most suitable for our usage.

So I looked for second hand Touran and viewed 1 car out of 3 shortlisted. The car is good except the car plate 4484. I was super uncomfortable with the number 4.

End up God was dealing with my bondage (which I wasn’t aware of) – superstition with number bondage. To deal with it, I had to overcome it. I paid the downpayment and dealt with the bondage in action and prayers.

Interestingly after we dealt with it, somehow the car deal didn’t go through and to my surprise I still can get the full refund of deposit.

Immediately God gave us a better car, better colour, better interior, better everything and this time, the car plate is some random number which I don’t care about anymore because God has delivered me from the bondage of number superstition.

Later on, I realised that all the research I have done to short list car models, doesn’t compared to the model God chose for us. This is indeed the best model, make for our family’s use. I also realised that God took my wife’s preference in consideration too. My wife doesn’t care about cars and the only brand she likes a bit is Volkswagen. God is very meticulous and choses the best, taking account a wide range of inputs.

Before I really bought the car, I spent quite a lot of time to confirm with God that we can spend this money and whether the car will break down etc.. basically seeking God for all the details and decisions.

God taught me a lesson: It’s not about the car, it’s about God.

Putting God first and centre, the car will be blessed from breakdowns and accidents. Even if the car breaks down, I can be salt and light in the workshop. And God will provide resources for the repair. The car is also to be a resource given to us to live our Kingdom values. To show love and be a “moving church”

I was also seeking the God whether I should go for a cheaper car to be humble etc etc. He taught me a lesson about material good and wealth. Again it is not about the car itself but whether we put God first. God can give me a Ferrari or a lousy car, it doesn’t matter.. What happens is whether what’s given to me is good for me. Let’s say it’s a Ferrari, does it tempt me to have a heart to show off, does it now cause me to love the Ferrari more than God etc etc. So once again it’s not about the material but about our heart posture towards God. God choses the best for us, for all eternity.

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