Crown and Staff

2 Oct 2020

During morning prayers, I was repenting for various things, lack of loving heart, too fierce to Sean, lack of self control etc. Was tearing before Lord. As I continued praying, saw faint vision of Jesus giving me a crown. I can sense an element of pride within coming up. Immediately prayed for God to remove pride. Continued praying. Stopped in the Spirit again, praying in tongues and I saw Jesus giving me a crown in heaven and a staff/rod. I felt fearful of pride again and I just sobbed and told Jesus that I’m scared of pride. Sensed that rod is for me to shepherd flock.

12 Mar 2021

Reminded of the crown (gold with coloured jewels) and the staff/rod that was given to me.

1 Nov 2021

During family prayers, wife sees me with a crown.

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