Current Day’s Noah’s Ark

13 Apr 2022

God brought me to quite a number of people who talks about building Noah’s Ark in the last days/current days. This has always been aligned to what God speaks to me about.

As I observed other warriors who are called to build Noah’s Ark, I realised today that God is calling many warriors and obedient servants to build many “noah’s ark” as a refuge for those who are willing to be saved before God sends His final judgement. During Noah’s time, the earth was flooded and the Ark preserved those who entered the Ark.

Today we sinners can choose to enter the many arks God is building and take refuge in Jesus Christ the ultimate Ark who has paid for our sins on the cross and defeated death at His resurrection. He who believes in Jesus Christ is saved by grace through faith. These arks take on new and different forms. Businesses, technology, schools etc. They all point to Jesus Christ the ultimate Ark, refuge, saviour.

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