Divine Provision

22 Sep 2021:

Someone I know quite well approached me and offered to transfer some money to me. He has been praying about it for months and been waiting for the right moment to bring up to me.

My first reaction was surprise and responded by saying I’ll pray about what to do with this offer. E.g. whether it’s an investment into the venture, to use it for the non-profit etc. The same night I sought God and God taught me and wife a lesson about humbly take humbly give. 

Taking money is not the easiest for both myself and wife. We will have small struggles with how others will view us (we become like “beggars”? though we have hands and legs). How to live once we take people’s money. Does it mean we cannot spend a bit more for nicer food now? all these thoughts and questions fill our mind. Nonetheless we obeyed and with gratitude to God and our friend, we accepted his offer. 

This came at a divine timing. We have reached the bottom of our combined family finances. In fact I told my wife with some relief that since we are truly at the bottom, it means God will provide soon. True enough we received this offer.

15 Oct 2021:

One of the elders in church suddenly told me that he had transferred some money to me. Again I told him that will pray about what the money will be used for. He was insistent that it’s for me and family. He has been supporting missionaries and one of them does not need the money now. He prayed with another brother and God led them to use the money to support me instead. 

My first reaction was, oh I’m not exactly a missionary haha.. In a way God is reminding me that I’m a missionary for Him, though not in the traditional way.

For both times, in my heart, I am thinking of returning the money 5-fold or 10-fold next time.

12 Dec 2021:

I attended some Christian startup community program over the weekend. It was mainly business related discussions.

After the weekend, one of the organizers messaged me to inform that there had been an anonymous love gift for me. I turned to God and I’m like, God, you win.. This 3rd divine provision that happened in the last few months, it’s from a group of people I do not know well and I have not shared much about anything. It’s anonymous and so I cannot even try to pay back. It’s a significant sum to us, the second 5-figure sum we received. So it’s probably someone that God told to give some money to a stranger (me). How much more divine can it be before I learn to attribute 100% to God. This time I truly see this these are God’s divine provision to our family, without any doubts.

15 Jan 2022:

My wife told me that a couple we are close with had just transferred us some money. They had allocated some money to church and decided to give us some since we are doing God’s work. This is super random when I heard it. 4th divine provision! 

5 Apr 2022:

Came across Matthew 10:8 when I’m reading the Shama book; the later part of the verse says “Freely you have received; freely give.” This verse aligns to Abba’s teaching about accepting my brother’s money.

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give. (Matthew 10:8)

18 Jun 2022

Had lunch with a brother and shared that our current journey is one of wilderness. Over lunch he suggested to provide some money for us. Was told that his wife and him has always been on standby to provide. In fact he mentioned that God had spoken to his wife before to provide us when we need. Later on he transferred a significant amount to us. We will use it as investment into the venture.

It’s very heartening and touching to us the way the provision came. All perfect in God’s ways.

After church service, we were having a prayer session and though we didn’t share much, a sister transferred us some money. We were a bit shocked to receive as this sister has supported “way too much” and we felt a bit “bad”, anyway we thank God and humbly accepted this love gift.

2 Aug 2022

A mentor sent provision and encouraging messages.

11 Aug 2022

Apart from money we have always received gifts, coffee powder, fish etc. Very cute..

Today pastor suddenly sent us a small voucher. It’s actually super cute and comforting to receive these small encouragements.

17 Oct 2022

Was clearing work when family was in Legoland. Spotify was playing 爱你是我一生的呼召。Took a small break from laptop and saw message that a mentor sent provision. Another timely God’s provision and encouragement. She was also sharing how God was nudging her to give and told me that God loves us.

I’m very touched by God’s love and mentor’s love. At this point all I can think of is to love God more and more. I was so touched that tears started rolling down my cheeks, in public as usual. Finished half a packet of tissue, Hope people are not too worried I have covid from my sniffing nose.

I stopped working and spent the next 30 mins soaking in God’s love in worship.

21 Nov 2022

Met a brother and we spoke about him coming in with some investment money.

24 Feb 2023

A sister privately offered to send wife some money monthly.

1 Mar 2023

Pastor came to serve us Holy Communion and shared that God placed a burden on him to pass us some money, significant amount.

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