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God led to join this course.

24 Oct 2020

During Pastor Father heart of God prayers for everyone, I saw faint image of light illuminating from the book of life. God impressed that my heart is full of God’s love so give.. so I stretched out my hands and bless my brothers and sisters.

25 Nov 2020

During personal ministry, God revealed more things of the past for healing, forgiveness etc etc.

During the session I felt generally peaceful and lots of joy during blessings.

I see many grey or metal cables from my back going out. Can sense Jesus there but not really broken yet. Can sense Jesus is breaking them. I see and feel a grey metal crown with a devil’s horn on my head which slowly disappeared. (I think it’s fear of failure)

My heart then became a beautiful solid heart. Almost like a beautiful armour. A bit like the Japanese art form Kintsugi. But more like armour of matte gold, matte silver and colourful gems on it.

There is a warrior with an armour shield on my left shoulder blocking what feels like a lot of arrows, fire, firestone raining down. The armour shield is same design as my armour heart.

At this point, the cables behind me are plucked out by Jesus, leaving my whole back exposed with raw wounds.

My whole body slowly transform into the same armour design as my heart and the back wounds are covered by the armour.

In between, I can see my heart open and close gently and inside is purple colour.

End of vison, what followed were emotions of joy and gratitude. In my mind (not sure if physically too), I was smiling and beaming very widely. Tears rolled and I kept thanking Jesus.

Counsellor went into a very long prayer of blessings on my life and Weshine.

These points jumped at me:

  • God will give me a breakthrough
  • There will be no more failures
  • I must keep to His commandments and obey Him
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