Entering The Land

The day before, pastor came to serve us Holy Communion and shared that God placed a burden on him to pass us some money, significant amount.

On the day we move, a brother woke up at 430am just to send us to airport!! And he is a very busy man! Thank God for his offer and big car which was essential for all the things we bringing with us.

Family and church friends came to send us off too though it was like 6am in the morning, with prayer covering before we leave.

On the flight here, Singapore side wanted us to have return ticket, later on Jakarta side didn’t allow us to enter without return ticket too. Somehow on both sides, someone else came along and let us through. Thank God.

There’s a power of attorney thingy that I need to do for our Singapore house but I did it too late, thank God in the end everything was ok and smooth.

Shipping was quite a headache and we chose a cheap company for 4 boxes of belongings, praying that they don’t go missing or get stuck at custom. On the day we arrived, our first two boxes got delivered safely. Thank God for the timely and safe delivery! Next two boxes came not too long after.

In Jakarta quite a few people took great care of us, gifting many practical household items, cleaned the house beforehand etc etc. The house here is almost empty and we were blessed with many essential items right from the beginning.

On the flight, I felt great power and God given compassion to bring people towards the Kingdom and away from the world. In tears and I was calling people (spiritually) to get out of the world into the Kingdom of heaven. (all these happened while the plane was ascending)

I learnt that God’s power comes when we take action. It does not come before or after (our move in this case). But when one step is taken, the power comes immediately. When the levites carrying the Ark of covenant stepped into the Jordan river, the water stopped. Not before, not after.

God continued to provide for our every need through the generosity of people He placed around us. We are new to Jakarta and in fact the people here don’t know us but have blessed us with many things. Smaller essential items are as important but special mention to receiving one big TV, almost new condition. This is another example that God always meets our need and sometimes it’s in abundance. We don’t need such a big TV but God gives. We have almost all the basic important items we need, except for a car. Just as we were researching and waiting on the Lord for this item (whether we should buy, when to buy, pay in full or take installment, or wait etc etc), a sister approached us to let us drive a spare car they have. We sought the Lord for a while and sensed that yes we should drive this car first. So our Lord provided our transport and it came at a perfect time just before Lebaran so that we can practise driving without the crazy traffic and also travel around during the Lebaran break. It’s a smaller sized car and as we started driving, I thank God He provided this size for us to start, as the narrow alleys and crazy traffic is hard for us Singaporeans to navigate with a bigger car right from the beginning!

God’s plans, provisions and timing is always perfect.

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