Failed To Consult God

12 Jan 2022:

Met up with Mr A for our monthly fellowship. This time round we walked away with a verbal agreement to work on building a Play To Earn and NFT community. 

As we were talking, I can see some synergy of this new space with what I was doing for my other venture and non-profit. When I asked Mr A what is the core purpose of the community, He said at the core it’s really to serve the last, the lost and the least. This is perfect alignment and I sensed it’s ok to be involved in this.

Seeking God’s confirmation.

16 Jan 2022:

I had a follow-up meeting with this friend and after the meeting I felt no peace. As I sought the Lord to discern what’s the issue, I realized that I did not consult God before I had agreed. I confessed, repented and renounced that I will always consult God before anything. My wife in her wisdom, helped me discern with clarity with just 2 questions she asked. Thank God for my wife 🙂

However in my time with God I still feel like there is a barrier now over me, unable to fully commune with God. It is very clear to me now, over the last few days, that this agreement I had made is not in line with God’s will. I need to act upon it to end the agreement to get back in line with God’s heart. Praying that God leads how I end the agreement in a way that is edifying and ministering to my friend.

17 Jan 2022:

I acted on it and I’m not involved in this now. This deep shalom peace that surpasses understanding is upon me and in worship and prayers that barrier was removed. This is how faithful Abba is. No matter how many times we fall, with a repentant heart, Abba picks us up and embraces us.

In a way I think God is also protecting my time and in His grace he quickly pull me away from a wrong decision before things get more difficult. This is truly His character of love. 

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