Faith and Obedience

17 Nov 2021

Today God reminded me through the reading of Shama devotional that the Abrahamic covenant is to be prepared by God through testing of faith and obedience. We wait in faith, be patient and allow God to prepare us, mature the time, the season and our character.

Faithfulness of God brought fulfilment to the promise because of our obedience.

9 Dec 2021

Day dreaming: faith and obedience works hand in hand. Faith, faith muscle, faith building and testing is needed or can be achieved by obeying. We obey when we have sufficient faith. From small faith and “easier” obedience, they get strengthened. This is a positive spiral effect.

Faith and obedience are then grounded on love. God’ love for us, and our love for Him and love for others.

The result is hope. Knowing that Faith and Obedience on my side releases divine outworking from the Father, resulting in a divine plan and outcome.

15 Jan 2022

Fellowship with a sister/mentor, learnt that faith is not about us but about God’s faithfulness. How very true!

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