Fellowships Led By Holy Spirit

There are some fellowships that’s just different, in a good, divine way. Because it’s led by the Holy Spirit. These conversations go deeeep, the “effects” and relationship lasts loooong and it’s always very encouraging to everyone.

2 June 2019

Great chat with a brother, very much led by the Spirit. Gave him a bracelet that’s important to me.

4 July 2019

Had a great lunch fellowship in the CBD with a dear brother. When he mentioned how he will spend his first window of time with God, during a season when he is jobless, I felt great immense joy (God sharing His joy with me). I immediately prayed with him on the spot.

18 August 2019

After cell group, someone requested to have closer relationship with God. I wanted to pray for her so my wife and I prayed for both of them, husband and wife. She later messaged and I thank God that the Holy Spirit touched her. and thank God for sharing this delight with me.

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