First Encounter With Jesus

By this time, I have been quite ill and in pain for about 5 months. Had my death-bed experience, emergency exit from UK to Singapore, failed first surgery, been on the machine for 5 weeks, failed second surgery and doctors are telling me very discouraging comments.

The heart is soft but the spiritual eyes are still blind.

I was living in my sister’s house and I remember clearly I had my dinner and returned back to bed. I was pretty much on bed rest all the time. 

I was on my Ipad watching YouTube. I remember coming across some testimonies by Chow Chew Meng. The next thing I knew, something lifted me upwards towards the sky. It felt like a few seconds and I’m high up in the sky. It is more than a vision as I have bodily sensations. I felt lifted up into the sky. I’m fully awake yet seemingly transported in the Spirit to a different scenario. What lifted me up was invisible and felt more like a force. In the few seconds as it was lifting me up, I also instantly knew it’s the Holy Spirit (I didn’t know what was happening at that point but now I knew this is a Spirit to spirit communication that comes instantly like a data packet download at 5G speeds haha). I was horizontal, kind of lying down in the air, I looked up and saw a man and I recognised Him as Jesus. (It’s not so much what He looks like or whatever, but the Holy Spirit allowing me to recognise that He is Jesus). In my mind I didn’t have the same kind of reverence and love I have for Him now and back then I see Him as the same as other gods/deities. Still, I did recognise Him to be a divine being in my understanding. He wasn’t looking at me nor talking to me. I asked Him in my heart (in the “trance” state): “Will you heal me?” He didn’t answer me nor look at me. He was looking horizontally out to the far horizons all the time. The next I knew, the Holy Spirit dropped me. I didn’t fall but floated down like a feather. I became a baby and there was a large white sheet of cloth that began to wrap me like a swaddle wraps a baby, all while I’m gently floating down. The next thing I knew I was back at my Ipad, on my YouTube. 

I didn’t know what had happened back then. I told my wife that I saw Jesus. I don’t think it registered with her. Months later I did tell some Christians who visited me. They told me it’s a vision. I didn’t think much of this initial encounter, until after I was baptised in the Holy Spirit. Then I began to understand more as God opened my spiritual eyes and ears and revealed His truth.

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