First Time I Hear God Speaking

I was baptised in the Holy Spirit over the weekend. On the same Sunday night I reached home and found this small booklet at our door. It’s about Jesus and Salvation. I left it on the table. I didn’t think much of it.

My wife picked it up and read it.

At about the same time, I was peeling an apple in the kitchen while wife was in the living room. The Holy Spirit spoke: “Your wife has not fully accepted me as her Saviour” I replied: “How?” Holy Spirit said: “Leave it to me” I said: ” Thank you”

I continued cutting my apple.

My wife then asked me to check if other neighbours have this at their door. I checked our level, upper and lower level. The answer is no.

Few hours later, my wife told me that she had questions unanswered from the Alpha course and this booklet answered all her questions.

We have kept this booklet with us as a reminder of God’s first conversation with me, and how He immediately fulfilled His promise to “Leave it to Him”

That same night my wife fully accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour. 

Praise God.


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