“Flying Car” To Bring Us Back To Singapore

21 Aug 2023

Wife flew back to SG for her father is ill,

1 week with the children, some moments of helper being a bit sick and a stomach flu outbreak in school. Thank God Sean was kept healthy. Helper recovered. Clara and myself kept healthy. Also took the chance to wean off Clara so I was tired but yet productive, thank God for strength.

25 Aug 2023

Thurs: a friend learnt briefly about our situation. She kindly offered to send us car and driver to standby in the day. We didn’t think we needed a driver but accepted anyway. I was thinking it may be useful for Sat where I can drop Sean at a playdate and I go attend a full day conference.

Friday: Father in law was critical, we decided to fly home at last minute, while Sean was in school. Misjudged the schedule and by the time I reached school, the car queue and crowd was formed. I couldn’t find Sean for long time at least 30mins. After I found him, I couldn’t find the car. When we finally boarded the car, it’s already 4pm and our flight is at 630pm. It’s Friday peak hours Jakarta traffic and google map estimates that we will reach airport at 6-615pm. Google maps usually is too optimistic so usually we will have reached closer to 630pm or later. Worst, I still had helper with me.

Wife suggested I drop helper by the road and she made other arrangements to bring her home so we go airport straight. I was frustrated and quite certain we will miss flight.

In the car, I fed Clara lunch as she slept through lunch earlier. Was busy trying to check in and re-pack as we planned to get driver to keep our checked in luggage.
By the time I finished all these, I saw google maps estimates that we will arrive at 5.15pm. I got a pleasant surprise. Wow. How did that happen? Then I observed the driver and noticed he is like F1 driver and skips all the traffic. I literally felt like time “stalled” and suddenly we are ok with time. Wow. Thank God for sending this driver. I then repented that I had belittled God’s powers and was grumbling and frustrated. I did mutter some prayer to God and committed the situation to Him in my grumbling. God was graceful to make a way in my grumbling.

In the end everything was smooth, we managed to check in our luggage, take our time etc.

The night we are back in Singapore, wife shared about her conversation with God regarding her father.

Physically, 2 days prior, it was critical condition and doctors were preventing him from dying. The next day it was trying to keep him alive.

Spiritually, God assured wife in her prayers and visions, with affirmation from prayer warriors, that Jesus is with her father and we are assured of his salvation. Wife was peaceful about the outcome (be it life or death) but told Jesus that she hoped for her father to have another chance for a new life, to let go of the anger, frustration, bitterness of life and to experience in this lifetime the hope, love and joy in Jesus Christ.

30 Aug 2023

The following few days, father improved and improved and within a few days, is out of ICU.

God has chosen to answer wife’s prayers and we continue to pray for our family to experience the love, hope and joy of Christ.

2 Sep 2023

Throughout the week I couldn’t find a good chance to pray or share more Godly messages. Just before we fly back to Jakarta, FIL was expressing fear. I felt that fear is better than anger. Fear is easy to bring in God. In hospital, it was still difficult to initiate prayers as nurses did their routine work for FIL etc. We have a limited time window due to our flight. I was telling God he will make a way. My God will make a way. I happen to visit the toilet and when I returned to the bed, a window of opportunity came up and I initiated to pray and we did. Both myself and wife. Prayed for healing and fear etc. More importantly I had the chance to tell FIL that he can call upon the name of the Lord (Romans 10:13 was the verse given for this situation). I made it super simple for him, just call out to Ye Shu. He nodded in agreement. Praise God for making a way just before we needed to leave for our flight.

This is our God, He always comes through. Always.

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