Fostering Children

We were never children people. I’m not sure how to communicate with children other than my own son.

14 Dec 2019

God had started planting some seeds for children in our heart. Wife had received some prophetic words regarding children ministries and children. So it wasn’t totally out of the blue. I remember for myself God has started speaking about fathering the fatherless etc.

Wife came across the concept of fostering, using our house for children with no parental love.

Right before I slept, God gave a strong compassion for foster kids.

15 Dec 2019

During service I was in tears. We had a regular weekly praying session where we were praying for a family to conceive. During this session, I broke down and told God I’ll obey to parent thousands of children. (That’s kind of what God was placing on my heart.)

Told God ok I’ll carry their cross. I saw myself climbing up a mountain, carrying a big cross.

This whole theme carried on throughout the service. The songs spoke to me, the pastoral prayers spoke to me, the benediction spoke to me. Consistent message to seek and parent children with no parental love.

God spoke very clearly!

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