Freely You Gave It All For Us

15 Jun 2022

Morning worship: Mind was fleeting in and out of the first four songs, last song of the morning, I suddenly sobbed. The song was “This is our God”

I went on my knees, then went prostrate. “And I will fall at your feet”

I sobbed more at the lyrics “Freely you gave it all for us, surrendered your life upon that cross. Great is your love, poured out for us, this is our God. Lifted on high from death to life. Forever our God is glorified. Servant and king, rescued the world, this is our God”

I saw faint vision of a Christ on the cross, up on the clouds.

God had freely given it all for us. Our sufferings are nothing compared to the love poured out for us.

As I lie on the ground sobbing at what God had done for us, I felt like a weak worm. My hand lifted up slightly towards the clouds. Immediately a huge hand came down from heaven to hold my hand.

I sobbed even more, a mixed feeling of grace, love, I do not know how to describe the rest of the feelings but that when the most high God comes to us, it’s too much for our human capacity to handle. I was trembling and sobbing.

This is our God, full of grace, love, mercy and awe.

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