God Didn’t Want Us There

Wanted to drive in to Johor Bahru with my wife. After quite a long wait in the traffic, I realised I took my son’s passport by accident instead of my own passport. We were made to turn back. Thinking we didn’t want to give up, we went home, picked up my passport and went to the checkpoint again. There was a long traffic jam. After we finally cleared the JB custom, somehow I made a wrong turn (it was actually a familiar route to me) and ended up at a part of the custom where I’m supposed to return back to Singapore. There was also some further trouble the Malaysian traffic police was trying to cause us.

By this time we had spent hours and ended up feeling frustrated and totally bewildered at what was happening. 

We prayed about it and discerned that God didn’t want us to make this trip and was preventing us to be in JB this night. We decided not to insist in going and felt peace as we spent the night resting at home. 

This is my first time starting to experience how God steer us away from things not in His will (likely to protect us) and not merely think of it as “bad luck”.

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