God Gives Clara Ng

14 Feb 2020

Had a fellowship at home with a family we are praying for regarding their own desire to have a baby, while praying, saw vision of Jesus carrying two babies standing between my wife and sister in Christ.

20 Mar 2020

Was praying and worshipping, felt Jesus giving us a baby again.

31 Jul 2020

Silent retreat weekend:

Had vision of wife about 5 months pregnant, sitting in a very tight space, feeling of claustrophobia. There is a basin in front of her. She is not feeling very well. Jesus stands behind her, two hands on her shoulders.

2 Aug 2020

God had promised and told us many times that He will give us a baby. I’ve been curious of when He will, when is His perfect time. He had revealed to us today. He had revealed to a sister and wife these few days. I am also sure wife is pregnant. Yesterday the pregnancy kit showed invalid. I then knew God wanted wife to spend 1 Aug with Him without distractions. This morning He revealed from another pregnancy kit. Hallelujah!

8 Sep 2020

Asked God for baby’s name, God said “Born into the light” I googled for names that mean light, and the names Aaron and Clara were shortlisted.

1 Apr 2021

Saw Jesus handing Clara to me but she is quite big, like 6 months old. and I held her up like Simba in Lion King.

9 Apr 2021

Clara came. Great timing, it’s a busy period but somehow my calendar cleared up. God’s timing is also perfect.

Birth was fast and furious.

At dawn I start seeing Jesus faintly at the foot of the bed. Clara was born at about 8am. Praise God.

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