God Not Accomplice In Wrongdoings

11 Aug 2022

Went for a legoland vacation with sibling’s families. Two cars driving in. My sister messaged me about fuel check but there’s nothing I could do. My tank is almost empty actually. I was quite worried that we will get a fine. I told God, I know we did wrong, and left it in his hands. When the officers checked, somehow they asked me to go. They did look at my fuel level and it’s clearly way below the 3/4 mark but they asked me to go.

God protected but as I drove away, God was saying that He is not accomplice in wrongdoing, I should not do this anymore.

Of course when we shared with families, they were like, wow, praying works.. and we were so conflicted.. it’s like yes God did protect but it doesn’t really work this way.. God is not accomplice! Don’t get in trouble due to unrighteous acts and pray hoping to be delivered!

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