Hidden Prayers From Others

6 May 2022

I dreamt of so many people praying for me. I was also leading some prayer and preaching session. I wasn’t sure if this was from God.

This morning a dear brother was showing support, concern and prayers to me (in real life) and I was reminded very clearly of the images of the dream and the people in the dream who were praying for me. People such as my old cell group leader whom I shared weeks ago that God is calling us to Indonesia. Another Spirit filled sister whose husband I recently shared more of our journey with. Surely I can believe they are praying for me. And I thank God for showing me that I’m not alone and there are hidden prayers for me being sent up to heaven.

19 Jul 2022

This sister I saw who was praying for us (above) came to our house to discuss about something else, a counselling case we wanted to refer to her.

Ended up praying for us and the moment she prayed I cried.

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