Holy Spirit Rebukes Pride

24 Sep 2021

Last night made a prideful comment to a sister and immediately Holy Spirit rebukes me. I cancelled all my words. This morning was watching a sermon and God reminded me that God uses common men. Nothing special. I am common, nothing special. Just like the Acacia wood, common wood used in Ark of Covenant.

God ministered to me during worship. At one point I asked for Holy Spirit to fall afresh and it came. I got a little distracted halfway and it stopped.

Learnt a lesson that it’s all about intimacy and a pure heart. Not an intention to share with others about this intimacy with God (can be due to a boastful heart). Once I had this intention to “boast” the Holy Spirit stopped.

At one point I was prostrate and worshipping God, received many messages. First of which was to apologize to the sister whom I made some prideful comments to.

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