Initial Exposures To Marketplace Ministry

2 July 2019

One morning, I had a “random” thought in my mind, reach out to Philip Ng. I went into bedroom to tell my wife, God seems to say reach out to Philip Ng. She asked who’s that. I said I don’t know. So I googled and a Singapore billionaire was in the search results. No idea what it is about. I reached office and just randomly say to my colleagues, I want to reach out to Philip Ng. One of my colleagues standing in front of me said, “maybe I can help”. I was like.. oh that’s random…so he told his father in law that his boss (me) wants to reach out to Philip Ng.

Later on I met the colleague’s father in law, who used to work in Philip Ng’s company.

3 Jul 2019

Presence of God has been strong, I was fasting and praying for few days in general thanksgiving.

Have an impression/idea to write a book interviewing Christian business and political leaders, “Market wizard style”

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