Jesus The Business Mentor And Advisor

3 July 2019

Saw Jesus in a vision handing something to me and he is down near the ground level. Impression is that He is a mentor, counsellor etc etc. He will show me how He would lead a business, manage a team, build a company etc, He was in front of me with His hands stretched out. I was bowing down and just wanted to be the lowest humble servant. Can’t bear to see the Lord waiting with His hands. I lifted up my head towards Him and held His hands. He stood up at this point and allowed me to bow down before Him.

3 Dec 2020

Faint vision of Jesus giving me a book to teach me how to “work”. He holds me like a toddler/sheep under His left arm and taught me. He wears white flowing gown. Surrounding is like “heaven”, peaceful, “white” garden.

Also feels like when I’m “working”, He is with me, teaching me, holding me.

12 Mar 2021

Reminded that Jesus holds me under His arms like a child and holds a book and pen and teaches me.

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