Jesus Wounds Are Shining Light


(I seldom remember my dreams but once in a while God does help me remember my dreams if it’s important and from Him.)

I remember this dream vividly.

I see Jesus in His glory. He is totally shining and radiating light. A peaceful kind of light, not glaring like the sun but brighter than the sun. It’s beautiful and peaceful. That’s how I can best describe. His entire being/body is radiating light. I was just with Him, resting. Kind of like how I may be with a buddy fishing and we don’t talk but we are together. I was mainly at the feet of Jesus, just being at the feet of Jesus.

I can see his wrist wounds and feet wounds very clearly, they are big round wounds, almost like a dollar coin size. Light was radiating out of the wounds. Somehow the wounds looked beautiful too. The wounds are deep but the same beautiful peaceful light radiate from inside out. 

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