John Bevere On Wilderness

I continue learning about my current wilderness season. This time from this sharing by John Bevere.

What was especially re-assuring was the reminder that God prepares His people in the wilderness. When we understand that the purpose of the wilderness is preparation, then we can behave appropriately. 

We can view this wilderness preparation from 3 stages. 

God’s promises > God’s preparation (wilderness) > God’s fulfilment of promises.

In the wilderness when none of God’s promises has come true, we must choose to obey and wait for God. God is training our character to handle the task that God is putting us to. John Bevere says in this video “whenever God is doing something in you, you have to say to yourself, He is going to entrust me with the ability to impact other people’s lives in a profound way that I could never do and he’s preparing me for the character to have it”

To be refined into pure gold, God puts us into the refining fire. The impurities surfaces. We have to own it and confess to God when the impurities surfaces and God will take it out of our life.


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