Learning About LIFE In Two Years

I am writing this post to wrap up a phase in life. It was a life changing phase. I learnt about LIFE during the last two years. One year in University of Cambridge and one year in “School of Life’s Hard Knocks”.

University of Cambridge was the best year of my life. As a post-grad student with 9 years of working experience, going back to school was about widening my horizons, challenging my status quo and listening to diverse views in a wide variety of topics. Cambridge offered all that and a beautiful, close-to-nature environment with an air of intellectual curiosity.

I was always reminded to push intellectual boundaries and to think independently and critically as I embraced the thought of walking the same streets where great intellects like Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking once walked.

I learnt that I can make a difference in the world through collaborating with the best brains in this world with passionate hearts linked together with a meaningful shared greater purpose.

One year in Cambridge brought me to the peak of the roller coaster ride.

Good times ended.

I fell sick. Quite severely sick. It lasted about 1 year.

I experienced a lot of pain and helplessness. But I experienced a lot of warmth and concern from loved ones.

I experienced physical weakness, so weak I couldn’t walk 100metres to attend Sean’s 2nd birthday party. But I experience strength in faith.

I have never been as financially poor in my working life, but I’ve never been as contented.

Good times don’t last but bad times don’t last too!

To anyone going through a tough period. Brightness is always at the end of the tunnel. It’s just that we are unsure how long the dark tunnel is, but we know it surely ends.

We do our best and leave the rest to God.

By May 2018, my surgeon agreed that I may make the trip back to Cambridge for my graduation. We were all ready to end this phase with a big European holiday!

Two weeks before our flight, Sean fell sick and we almost lost him. It took about 3 months before God miraculously ensured everything is ok with him.

By Aug 2018, Adrian and Ernest had invited me to Alpha course again. By this time, I had faith in God but not any ‘religion’. I was hesitant, apprehensive and even a little uncomfortable to attend Alpha course, but I went in the end.

Going to Alpha course turned out to be the MOST important event in my life.

We received Christ (and the Holy Spirit). Being reconciled to the Lord has been the best thing that has happened to our family.

I am full of gratitude for what has happened to us over the last two years. I thank God for humbling me so that I am no longer full of myself. I am, and hope to be, full of God and the Holy Spirit, until He comes, or I’m called home. Thank you Lord for softening my heart so I can accept your love. A hard sponge will never absorb water.

As we excitedly embark on the next phase of our lives, may we never forget our experiences, emotions, lessons and Your love.

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