Learning From Kai-Fu Lee’s “A Blueprint For Coexistence With Artificial Intelligence”


On life

As Bronnie Ware’s book about regrets of people on their deathbeds all too accurately describes, I was wracked with remorse over not spending more time sharing love with the people I cared about most.

On deep learning

The excitement behind AI today is largely due to a 2010 invention called “deep learning,” which uses massive amounts of data to optimize decision engines with superhuman accuracy. Given a massive amount of data in a particular domain, deep learning can be used to optimize single objective functions, such as “win Go,” “minimize default rate,” or “maximize speech recognition accuracy.”

On risk of A.I

The AI revolution is on the scale of the Industrial Revolution—probably larger and definitely faster. But while robots may take over jobs, believe me when I tell you there is no danger that they will take over. These AIs run “narrow” applications that master a single domain each time, but remain strictly under human control. The necessary ingredient of dystopia is “General AI”—AI that by itself learns common sense reasoning, creativity, and planning, and that has self-awareness, feelings, and desires. This is the stuff of the singularity that the Cassandras predict. But General AI isn’t here. There are simply no known engineering algorithms for it. And I don’t expect to see them any time soon. The “singularity” hypothesis extrapolate exponential growth from the recent boom, but ignores the fact that continued exponential growth requires scientific breakthroughs that are unlikely to be solved for a hundred years, if ever.

On co-existence with A.I.

We should focus on the very real “narrow” AI applications and extensions. These will proliferate quickly, leading to massive value creation and an Age of Plenty, because AI will produce fortunes, make strides to eradicate poverty and hunger, and give all of us more spare time and freedom to do what we love.

Our coexistence with artificial intelligence hinges on combining what is humanly unattainable—the hugely scaled narrow AI intelligence that will only get better at any given domain—with what we humans can uniquely offer to one another. And that is love. What makes us human is that we can love.

Full article: https://www.wired.com/story/a-blueprint-for-coexistence-with-artificial-intelligence

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