On young people fresh out from school

…they usually come in with a lot of arrogance, you know they come out of school, they all went to good school and all that arrogance… and they need to experience some things different to get that humility.


On independent thinkers

In order to be successful in the markets, you have to be an independent thinker because the consensus is built into the price.


On meditation

It gives one intuition, creativity, equanimity when you are in the subconscious.
It also gives restfulness. 20mins is like 3 hours rest.


On artificial intelligence
I urge you to write down your principles for your decisions.
Everything in life happens over and over again, you can then refine your principles.
The principles then go into algorithms. If you can put it in writing you can put it in algorithms.

The human mind is unique in intuition, making connections with others etc.
The computer is unique in its accuracy, speed, and scale of processing information.

The partnership of human and computer will be powerful.

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