“Long Time No See” Friend

God suddenly brought a “long time (at least 7 years) no see” friend. I posted a Facebook post about my baby girl’s baptism and received an Amen comment. I have never known him as a believer. This is someone who could potentially help with our app development but is someone that I have never imagined God bringing to me. God is always keeping me in a sense of wonder and always quite humourous. We had worked together for a business that I’m most “embarrassed” about. The business is exploitative and borderline “scam”. Yet of all people God brought someone who worked on that business.

We met and right off the bat spoke mostly about God, my journey and experience with God (summarised version) as the Holy Spirit led. I learnt more about his work experience over the last many years and also learnt a little about his family background. It was a good fellowship and witnessing session.

I met him again and spoke more about the business this time. Let’s see how God leads this.

Posture of the heart:

Father, thank you for bringing us together. I do not know the purpose but the opportunity to fellowship, witness, share how real you are, and to learn more about each other is sufficient to give thanks. Glory to the Almighty God.

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