There’s a luncheon invite which I accepted as I have rejected this person’s invitation a few times and felt I should attend this luncheon,

One day before I realised one of my friend will be there too. Someone that I knew God arranged to be there.

On the day, I almost got into a chain accident while driving to the luncheon. God protected and nothing happened. I was a few cm from the car in front and behind.

During lunch I was mostly learning from others about a topic I’m not familiar with. At the end I shared a little about what I do. People seemed interested and a few developments and opportunities came.

The lady who invited me to the luncheon invited me to coffee thereafter.

Turns out the conversation quickly turned to God and I shared some stories with her. She is from a church that is quite special to me. Learnt from her that a few other people from the table are also believers.

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