“Missional” Trips To Jakarta

13 Apr 2022

First milestone “missional” trip to Jakarta to be on 18 Apr 2022. Had planned to meet colleague in Wework office. This morning God ministered with an important song “Let it rain” by Michael Smith (God ministered deeply with this song when He told me He wants to start moving for our current season.) He also prompted that once I touch down in Jakarta, go to Stella Maris Church. (no wework haha).

18 Apr 2022


On the flight, God led to read Acts 13:13-52, reminding about Singapore being Antioch of ASEAN. The message is mostly about the Gospel.

Next I read Acts 14:1-7 which is going to places after Antioch. such as going to Indonesia from Singapore?

Next God led me to Mark 15 which is about the trial and crucifixion of Christ.

Continue reading to Mark 16 and the verse 15 jumps out > which is about the Great Commission

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. (Mark 16:15)

After I touch down I headed straight to Stella Maris Church and met my dear co-labourer. I spent some time in the sanctuary because on 13 Apr 2022 I saw myself in the sanctuary. God gave Mark 6:13. God is speaking about inner healing and deliverance ministry, likely one of my mission here in Indonesia in the near season.

They drove out many demons and anointed many sick people with oil and healed them. (Mark 6:13)

Next we worship together. Worship was great. Felt good presence of God with us and can sense/see the Holy Fire burning.

19 Apr 2022

Morning reading God led to Isaiah 59-61. Isaiah 61:1-3 jumps out more. It speaks about salvation and healing again. Same as Mark 16:15 and Mark 6-13 yesterday.

These came to mind > Jesus ministry is everything. Healing, casting out demons, signs and miracles, forgiveness, loving, justice, etc etc. As ambassadors of Christ, we are called to do all these. This is Christian ministry where Christians can also be seen as being “little christs”

20 Apr 2022

Had dinner with colleague and shared story about one of the most “crazy” period of our life with a dear spiritual family. Colleague shared some insights with me after hearing the story and together both of us have better understanding.

Colleague then shared that on 18 Apr 2022 God told him “in 40 days” when we worshipped and prayed. By last night he had received the same message about 10 times hence he release it to me today. Context of the message is not known.

25 Apr 2022

Today is Saturday so I decided to take a “undefined” period of time in worship. Basically just worship with no end in mind. Soul was refreshed.


18 Apr 2022

I wanted to reach out to a government body but had no time to do so before I fly. On the flight, I first bumped into an acquaintance. We took a photo. Next I saw that he tagged me on LinkedIn and another gentlemen. From this post I realised the gentlemen is from the government body I wanted to reach out to. I thank God for this and began to wonder in my mind how to approach this gentlemen. When flight touched down, I stood up and realised he is seated 1 row in front and diagonally from me. As we glanced at each other, I can’t rem what triggered but we started talking naturally. We also walked out of the airport together and had the opportunity to talk more. That’s it. Once again God made it super easy and simple.

On the way to Stella Maris, the driver became my user interview subject. Love the people of Jakarta. They are great people.

Colleague brought me to PIK, I like the place, may God continue to lead where He wants us to stay. God didn’t say anything about school or show me any house etc this trip.

23 Apr 2022

Planned for slum visits but somehow no chance of executing due to rain etc. Sensed it’s not necessary for now.

Had dinner with colleague and wife. Both are serving long time in inner healing and deliverance etc.. God surely is lining things up.

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