Moving On To Next Phase

10 Mar 2022

During family night prayers, wife was given vision of the same scenario of us crossing the Jordan River. We are at the end of the crossing and stepping onto shore. Behind us are our children.

15 Mar 2022

During Monday morning company worship and prayers, colleague sense that “the waiting will be over soon”. I shared about wife’s vision which is in line. However we concluded a better description is that we are entering a new phase, since we should always be waiting on God.

Colleague sensed next phase is in Apr. I mentioned that timing I’m not sure.

Later the same day, I was spending some time with God during lunch and was watching Hora Ministry’s Wilderness sermon and the pastor spoke about the Jewish calendar and about the first month of Nisan which was when God instituted as the first month during the deliverance from Egypt and the subsequent Exodus journey. The calender is closely tied to the passion of Jesus. I was wondering when the Nisan new year is and as I googled I realised it’s 2 Apr 2022 for 1 Nisan 5782. God seems to be drawing to my attention that indeed Apr will be the start of a new phase in His calendar. 

Practically I had also planned and booked my Jakarta trip from 27 March to 2 Apr with just 1 night quarantine, and lo and behold, as of writing Indonesia just announced that no quarantine needed now. Around this time many countries, especially ASEAN, is opening their border without quarantine. Indeed it does feel very much like a new phase!

21 Mar 2022

This morning I happen to be reading Nehemiah 2. The month of Nisan was mentioned. It was the start of the rebuilding of the temple. A new phase? 


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