My Fathers’ Salvation

Father in law

From my wife’s family, I felt the hardest person to accept Jesus as saviour will be my father in law. Few years ago, during his cancer treatment period, he agreed to join us for a hokkien evangelistic session. I remember that we were quite late for the event and I was thinking that we had screwed up and probably nothing will happen since we would have missed a lot of the messages. During the time we were listening, I noticed my father in law had his eyes closed and I assumed he fell asleep which is what I would have expected anyway.

Later on, during a call for repentance and salvation, I noticed my father in law saying the sinner’s prayers etc. I was very surprised and happy. I was also thinking whether he truly understood the meaning and purpose of the sinner’s prayer. When the pastor asked those who have accepted Jesus as their saviour to raise their hands, so that the church can follow up, he raised his hands, confirming that he did know what its about.

God had reached out and saved the person I thought was the most difficult. God is amazing.

Father (Feb 2024)

During a CNY chit chat at my auntie’s (大姑)house, somehow father started sharing that one of his manager at work has been reaching out to him about Christianity. He goes regularly to the manager’s church which is very far from our house (shows he has the heart to go). Father told us he been to an evangelistic concert event and had responded enthusiatically to an altar call and the singer prayed over him. Not sure if it’s call for salvation or prayer but either way is great. Manager has been doing devotions with him and I realised it’s Daily bread. Wonderful! Father asked me to download bible for him and so I did.

God is amazing, this has been happening for about a year and I had absolutely no idea. God is working at the “back”, responding to our desire to have our family saved. And it’s interesting He had chosen to work on the fathers first, in the family, which of course made a lot of sense, with fathers being the head of family. When the fathers convert the spiritual authority over the families soften the ground for the rest to convert. God is amazing.

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