New Phase For My Church’s Ministry Work

19 Mar 2022

Finally the core team members of the church ministry I’m chairing managed to meet up, added bonus it’s in person lunch! I managed to share more of my wilderness journey and learn more about the core team members too. By God’s grace, there were suggestions to organise a fun fellowship event for the congregation. The team members finally seem excited and I’m joyful to see this. I have not planned such an event in my annual report to the church leadership but supported the idea anyway.

On reflection, God’s leading to have a fun fellowship is awesome. I’m too “no-fun” kind of guy, really boring guy sometimes. This is wonderful. God is a fun God too! He knows what’s good for the congregation. I’m always reminded that the first sign Jesus did was to turn water into wine. He delights when we are delighted in Him. More than that, God used this fun event to gain some traction for the ministry.

11 Apr 2022

I was doing the bulk of the planning and work to organise the fellowship event and as usual, it’s a very busy time for me alongside other demands. In the process, the signup was way beyond expectations, something like 6 times more than the number of people I had expected. This got 1 of my core team member encouraged and she started putting in a lot more effort and initiative. She went beyond “expectations” and did lots of wonderful things for the event. Suddenly this ministry has turned for the better. This is the work of God. The night before the event, I was super tired and things didn’t go smoothly too. The online grocery I ordered didn’t arrive. At 10pm, I had to visit the supermarket and carry all the drinks and snacks for everyone. I was just telling myself, I have to do the work. This is servant leadership and perseverance. God honoured by making the event super good the next day. All glory and thanksgiving to God.

Personally I had a good chat with a brother. This is the first time the congregation came together like this since Covid-19 where we can catch up with each other and share our lives. This brother mentioned that he will share our story with his cell group and to keep us in prayers. This was very edifying and encouraging to me. One of the leaders of the church who attended the event also came up to me and prayed for me. This is also very encouraging to me.

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