Parliament Mention And Media

By God’s grace, I was told that Ministry of Manpower Singapore may mention me and my work. Later on was told that it will not happen. Initially felt a little disappointed but laid it at the cross. Found that it’s better this way, We are not ready as I’ve been too busy with the house moving.

July 2021

The parliament mention became some media features. Many small details in God’s plan, not my deliberate plan.

For eg, our whole family was on the media feature, even our baby Clara. It’s taken in my house and right top corner has a cross. Today is 1 year since we have no income. God gave a little encouragement with this media feature. Praise God.

24 Aug 2021

God brought an invitation on a chinese show alongside two Singapore ministers and fellow participants. I can’t talk properly on TV in chinese. So hard! anyway God led me through it all. It turned out ok.

Right after the chinese TV show, I was asked to join chinese radio live show!!! This is so stressful because it’s chinese! But thank God I was exceptionally calm during the live radio show and I can totally see God training me for all sorts of media.

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