Passing Message To Korean Restaurant Owners

We were doing a 2D1N stayover at Johor Bahru. Wife found this good review korean restaurant but we had no time to visit for dinner. The next day we decided to visit for lunch.

When we reached, we saw a couple verses on the wall.

While eating, God whispered to me to “do something for the owners”. So I’m like.. do what?

Listening and discerning while eating about what God is saying. So I kind of hear something but I needed some silence to discern so I told my wife God wants me to do something for the owners and I needed to take a stroll to hear clearly.

I stepped out, strolled, prayed and discerned.

Took a piece of paper, wrote the scripture God gave and a word God gave.

Asked wife to discern and confirm, asked Sean to pray and confirm. Both said ok.

So I went up to a lady and delivered the message to the owners of the restaurant.

She said she is the owner so I said then it’s for her.

Doing such work still brings a little jittery to me.. to be able to quickly discern that I’m delivering God’s message and not my own fleshly message. At the same time it’s still always a small test of faith to trust that I will not be totally embarrassed or scolded etc.

And 2 hours after this, I suddenly fell sick for 2 days… what’s new? Haha.

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