Peeling Off The Outer Layers Of Filth and Sins

Sanctification is a life-long journey. This is how it started for me.

16 Oct 2018:

God prompted me to reach out to a good friend turned “enemy” to tell him that he has been forgiven and to pray for love, peace and joy in his life.

This is not easy on many fronts. This is a good friend of mine but we had given up on him and he had not listen to our advice and continue his wrong ways for more than 10 years. The last draw was when I realised he was doing the wrong things using my persona. We have not spoken for a couple years and I no longer wanted anything to do with this person. I don’t really have any “enemies” so I think he is my number 1 “enemy”. It’s so awkward to suddenly reach out to tell him that he is forgiven, and then to pray for him? I don’t even know how to pray at this point.. how to pray for others?!?

I obeyed and asked Holy Spirit to help me with all these that He wanted me to do. I messaged him exactly as God wanted me to.

What’s happening is that God is asking me to release forgiveness and to restore relationships. Such important Kingdom principles.

1 Dec 2018

During my 3 hours intense spiritual encounter God told me that when we were living in Cambridge, we received a birthday card with 100 USD that’s not meant for us but I kept it. In a way I didn’t know who its for so I kept it. God wants us to send it back to Canada to the sender. I was like: “wow I didn’t even know where the card and envelope is when we moved back to SG.” Eventually I really found it and we really send back 120 USD, with a note to say I’m sorry I kept the money, we included 2 bible verses for this stranger in Canada.

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