People Come And Go

In my wilderness journey, people come and go.

In fact many times, they come divinely actually. And it will be very exciting because I felt that God is bringing people to help. Some will stay for long time, some will stay for a brief season. Some are co-warriors and when they leave, it can feel discouraging, like losing a co-runner halfway through a marathon. Through it all, I come to realise that we keep our eyes on Jesus Christ. People Do come and go, but we follow Jesus and we persevere on. When we keep our eyes on Jesus, it’s also easier and more natural to preserve relationships. Not everything is rosy. There are cracks, disappointments, hurts but we can allow Christ to heal, to release forgiveness and keep peace.

For example, I’ve been praying for a CTO type of person and quite divinely I was brought to someone and I was really excited about it but through a few conversations, it didn’t amount to anything and I even felt quite discouraged by the conversations. Prayers were good though.

A lady approached me and shared her brokenness and struggles, asked for a job and I didn’t have any roles to hire her but I prayed and shared some messages with her. Two months later I received some government grants for hiring. God closed all doors and basically led me to hire this lady. So in a way God led her to the business. Later on I realised when she was very broken, God brought my name to her that’s why she reached out to me.

We worked together for about six months. At this time God also brought a group together and we were working together. Not hired but just friends working together.

Later on, somehow suddenly everyone left. I naturally question if I am the problem and I’m confused because in the startup before this, I didn’t have this problem.

Anyway as we continue looking to Jesus, allowing the Holy Spirit to mould us… everything will be ok.

There were times when working with Christians became even more difficult then non-believers. As I reflect, I think people management is so difficult and sometimes in a “Christian” setting, it’s even more difficult. God has taught me a lot about people management and may God help me to get wise about it and to be Christ like in dealing with all sorts of people issues.

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