Pray For Childhood Buddies

25 Oct 2018:

The Holy Spirit molds my heart with a desire to proclaim the gospel to people around, especially loved ones. One group is my childhood buddies. God wanted me to pray for this group. This is quite crazy and awkward to me. However I did obey and so I organized a basketball session with them but met with very poor response. This day God prompted me to not “give up” on this group of buddies and so I reached out again to “hope to have a chance to meet and pray for you guys”. This way of talking is TOTALLY not me or us.. We were just a bunch of “gangster wannabe” boys hanging out at the basketball courts, doing all sorts of terrible boys things together. Anyway I received good commitment to meet after I wrote the way that God wanted me to write in the message.

27 Oct 2018:

The morning before I left the house for our basketball gathering. I was very worried and hesitant as I’m going to be totally not “myself” and I TOTALLY don’t know how to pray for others and for this group of old friends it’s even MUCH more awkward. In my mind I was sort of “planning” when is a “not so awkward” moment to initiate the prayer. Before basketball or when we resting or after basketball? Super awkward.

So I prayed to God to speak through me or guide me to pray for this group before I left home.

True enough, the whole morning went super well and smooth. We had a great time of catch-up over basketball. Just like good old times with no awkwardness. Without me initiating, someone suggested coffee after basketball so we went to my favorite coffee place hide-out in Tanjong Pagar.

The setting and environment was perfect. We had some great intimate conversations in this quiet place. There were some great personal sharing and then there was this perfect divine moment when I just started praying for everyone!!! No awkwardness. Super natural. I didn’t know how to pray for people. The Holy Spirit took over my tongue and it just kept going. It was a long prayer by the Holy Spirit for my old buddies (who do not know Christ) through my tongue.

I felt at deep peace and amazed by what had just happened. In my mind, all I can think of is: “wow, praise the Lord!” or inĀ Singlish – Like that also can ah!

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