Praying For Baby

15 June 2019

Have a close family that’s having difficulties to conceive. Was spending some time with God alone in resort room when God gave a vision. (See below, pardon for lousy drawing)

Basically I see God giving them a baby and angels rejoice, but there’s some “opposition” that needs to be dealt with.

I was discerning how to approach this and later on with confirmation with a mentor, I shared my vision but offered to pray with them as two families weekly until we see the baby born.

We basically started doing that, praying together physically every week without fail.

23 Nov 2019

We were praying in their house after baptism class and they were having some spiritual warfare. I prayed for deliverance. I was about to leave for the airport for business trip when I walked around the house and discerned there’s something ungodly in one of the room. I couldn’t leave though I needed to catch a plane. I called everyone back to the house to pray. The Holy Spirit took over. I think it was mainly a deliverance prayer. Wife vision and mine were in sync. Spirit led four of us to pray in tongues. As we were doing this, “incense” went up to heaven at the throne of God. Suddenly Heaven came down to the house. The glory overwhelmed me. I was very “drunk” in the Holy Spirit but the message was very clear “This place is for Holy families and Godly offsprings” I dropped to my knees and thanked God.

Later on my brother received revelation that the room we were praying in was built to prevent the parents from staying over and this motive was a stronghold for the enemy.

14 Feb 2020

Had a fellowship at home, while praying, saw vision of Jesus carrying two babies standing between my wife and sister in Christ.

24 Oct 2020

Morning prayers, saw Jesus at sister’s bedside in delivery room, at her head, stroking her head and wiping her sweats.

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