Receiving The Gift Of Tongues

The gift of tongues is sometimes a confusing and controversial topic. I share about my personal experience with the gift of tongues and how it happened for me. Again, everyone is different and this is purely my personal experience and journey.

13 Oct 2018:

Baptised in Holy Spirit, prayer minister laid hands to pray for spiritual gifts, including the gift of tongues.

21 Oct 2018:

Was spending time in worship, prayers and conversation with God for about 30mins when the presence of God became very strong and felt immense emotions. Later I was cutting apples in the kitchen and the presence of God become strong again. I was eating apples in the living room when I felt this urge to stand up and starting blabbering in tongues, outside of my control. It’s a few syllabus each time and it repeated for about 5 times.

1 Nov 2018:

In my sleep (probably dream?) my (physical) tongue started moving but no sounds made. Great “wifi” (presence of God). Later on my wife told me she saw my tongue moving in my sleep.

26 Nov 2018:

At the end of church service during the song of response, I started speaking in tongues (not by my own human choice, it just came). I couldn’t stop. Only one thought occupied my mind: Hallelujah, hallelujah. After the service, I tried myself to speak on tongues. This time, I can start and stop by myself at will. The next morning, I tried while showering, cannot start. After personal prayers, I tried again. I can start and stop at will.

Holy Spirit teaching me to speak in tongues was very much like how a baby learns a new language.

16 May 2021

I had been through quite a lot with the Lord and it was a time when I was put through the next level of obedience in my walk with Jesus. I had just obeyed and that evening I was about to take a shower and was playing some random worship song on my phone. The moment this happened, Holy Spirit brought me to my knees. I immediately went into tongues and was given new syllabus. This happened for the whole song, about 7 mins. In my mind it’s “for warfare, for warfare” So I knew Holy Spirit gave new more weapons for spiritual warfare!

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