Saint Faustina

In the afternoon, I took a break to spend some time to God. I fell asleep with Youtube playing some worship songs. When I woke up, the video that’s playing caught my attention immediately (video below).  

God was bringing my attention to learn about Saint Faustina and her journey. Through the video, God reminded me that what God wanted Saint Faustina to do was seemingly simple – paint what she saw. However to her, it was anything but simple. It was really really difficult. I found a lot of comfort because I always feel the same way. What God wants me to do feels super difficult to me. Similar to the video I have flashes of thoughts that maybe God should choose someone else. I can’t do it. But yet not my will but Yours be done.

Some days later I mentioned to Mr A that God has been asking me to learn about Saint Faustina and Divine Mercy. I learnt that Stella Maris Catholic Church has a close relation to Saint Faustina and we were both like “wow now I know why God asked me to learn about Saint Faustina!” (will write about the divine meeting of Mr A in another post and the importance of Stella Maris Catholic Church to me). Basically everything is divinely linked!   

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