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Somehow God led to these saltandlight interviews. Honestly I don’t know what to say and in some sense I’m smack in the middle of wilderness, what’s there to share? In my human mind, isn’t it better to share when we have seen God doing some miraculous work and to give glory to God after that happens? In any case God was encouraging during church leader’s retreat that “I have seen the Lord, tell others” so I agreed to all these interviews.

9 Aug 2022

Had interview with sister from saltandlight, realised she used to be from my home church where her husband used to pastor. Going into this interview, I felt like I will mainly talk about doing business God’s way. On the taxi after I touched down at Jakarta I was trying to recap our life and was quite tired and confused. Sensed that God saying “just tell it as it is”. True enough, once the interview started it went a direction I wasn’t prepared for but it just become a long 3 hours fellowship and I just told it as it is.

We were talking about our health and salvation journey and everything else as Spirit led.

It’s quite different from how I thought would happen. I told sister that we are penniless but I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry that we will publicly announce that we are penniless haha.

All I can say is God is leading and I leave it in sister’s hands and God’s hands.

22 Aug 2022

End up was told there will be 2 articles,

Part 1:

31 Aug 2022

Was quite busy and procrastinated on inviting to join the video shoot. Last min I was asking some people and thank God the path was made straight. Most of the people most accurate to the video narrative can make it.

2 Sep 2022

On set for video shoot, tiring but smooth.

During my own shoot, I was not sure what to say. In some ways, there’s too much to be said for a three mins video but we were just having a conversation, now leave it in God’s hands and the producer’s hand for video editing.

During a shoot with pastor, church uncle, wife and I, we were supposed to be fake talking and praying, but turns out we were really catching up, sharing our journey and God’s call to move to Jakarta. In the end we were really praying and while praying, God impressed to church uncle (who has always gently tried to dissuade us to move, out of good intentions) that God is “sharpening” us. Thankful that God always helps to align others around us to His call for us. Otherwise it’s quite tiring to have God calling us on one side, then having to explain over and over again to many people all the time. One thing I learnt is that if something is from God, we may face opposition (even from well meaning loved ones) but in the end it’s always made straight.

17 Sep 2022

Part 2:

17 Jan 2023

Was told there will be 2 videos,

Video 1:

Video 2:

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